Staggs & Fisher Consulting Engineers, Inc. is proud to announce that as a part of our ongoing commitment to Green Design, we now have (10) LEED AP.  In addition, we have High-Performance Building Design Professionals (HBDP).

We perform whole building energy analyses in house, allowing the design team to truly ascertain those items which yield savings worth incorporating into new construction or renovation projects.

Featured Projects

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UofL Clinical & Translational Research Building

41.7% reduction of annual energy use

42.5% reduction of annual water use

EKU New Student Housing (8).jpg

EKU New Student Housing

29.0% reduction in annual energy costs

45.0% water savings - exemplary

EKU New Sciences Phase II.jpg

EKU New Sciences Building Phase II

30.4% reduction of annual energy use

29.5% reduction of annual water use

UK NEW Commonwealth Stadium (3) - Guided crop.jpg

UK Kroger Field

36.7% energy cost savings

30.0% reduction in water use

UK Patterson Hall Renovation.jpg

UK Patterson Hall

10.2% total power reduction

33.9% reduction in water use

Website UK Gatton Study Room.jpg

UK Gatton College of Business & Economics

30% energy cost savings

41% reduction of annual water use