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Electrical Distribution Study and Master Plan - University of Kentucky


Lexington, Kentucky


Staggs & Fisher was asked to evaluate and analyze the existing campus’ 12KV distribution system to report on its current condition, indicate areas/components needing repair and/or replacement, and to suggest areas of expansion for the future growth of the campus.  A computer model of the distribution system was created using software by SKM System Analysis Inc.  The system includes feeders deriving from three LG&E/KU substations each with numerous 12,470 volt feeds to distribute power to over 120 buildings. The system is vast and complex and includes facilities with primary preferred/alternate automatic switchgear, numerous manual tie switches, over 100 miles of underground cabling and has a peak demand of over 66 megawatts. In addition, the Medical Center Complex is connected to an 8.75 megawatt, 4160 volt distribution system which has also been modeled.