Who we are

For more than half a century, our staff at Staggs and Fisher has been providing services as a Mechanical and Electrical Consulting Engineering firm to a diverse clientele, including government agencies, educational and religious institutions, corporations, architects, and engineers. Thanks to our experienced team of more than twenty professionals and technicians, we can accommodate the specific needs of any client by selecting the design team most suited to the project at hand. Our staff consists of eight registered engineers, a graduate engineer, and several other designers, technicians, draftspeople, and field personnel.

Because of our staff size and qualifications, we are able to handle multiple complex jobs simultaneously by shifting manpower from project to project during different phases of design as required by project schedules. Our varied staff provides in-house services in several different areas including heating, ventilation, air conditioning, fire protection, plumbing, medical gas piping systems, energy management, steam and hot water systems, electrical power distribution, electrical lighting, fire alarm systems, emergency power systems, sound systems, and lighting control systems.

Headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, our firm primarily serves the Commonwealth of Kentucky, but our services have branched outside of the state to include Connecticut, Florida, Indiana, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia.

How we serve you

At Staggs and Fisher, our foremost function is to make sound engineering judgments based on initial cost, energy efficiency, operational and maintenance costs, safety, flexibility, space considerations, and, above all, usage of the building to satisfy client needs. We always consider the client to be the most important member of the design team, and as such, we make every effort to involve our clients in the design process. Throughout the project, we will work with client representatives to develop and select mechanical and electrical systems that will provide the requested environment within the preset constraints of the budget. We will also provide reasonable options for review in order to allow ideas to develop, we will advise clients of appropriate budget, and we will help to determine the operating and maintenance costs related to various mechanical and electrical systems.

To ensure that our clients always receive the best service possible, we prioritize quality control, holding regular conferences between design personnel in order to produce the most complete and accurate set of documents possible. We constantly perform cross-checks to guarantee that everything electrical, mechanical, architectural, and structural is properly coordinated.

As an added level of client service, we employ a full-time field representative who visits the project site on a weekly basis. Additionally, one of our principals will visit periodically, the frequency depending on the size of the project and the current phase of construction. At a minimum, we prefer to send our principals to the site once a month.

Our Pledge

We assure you that the needs of our clients are central to each and every project we take on at Staggs and Fisher, and we are committed to getting our clients involved in the process and keeping an open line of communication to ensure satisfaction.